How Do I Connect?

Come and find out more. See if Emmanuel is right for you and how you can get connected. The following is our Connect process:
  • Attend FUSE – FUSE is a complete introduction to Emmanuel that gives you a chance to see how you might fit into God’s vision here. First four Wednesdays of January, April, September, and November from 6:30-8PM. Check with Pastor Aaron about upcoming dates and times because they are subject to change.
  • Serve – Serving is a great way to confirm that Emmanuel is right for you, and you get to meet people! We will work with you to find your joys and strengths and get you connected.
  • Join – Joining as a member of Emmanuel is exciting. It’s a symbol of your willingness to commit to God and grow in your connection with Him and one another. You will always have family at Emmanuel! Reception of new members happens after completion of FUSE.
  • Commit to Grow – When you join the church you’re actually being baptized or affirming your baptism; essentially you’re saying YES to Jesus. YES, I believe you came to earth, died, and rose again for my salvation and connection with God forever! YES, I want to follow you! YES, I want to make you the CEO of my life! YES, I will commit to growing in my connection with God and others!

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