How Do I Connect?

Come and find out more. See if Emmanuel is right for you and how you can get connected. The following is our process for moving people through their journey of faith:
  • Worship God - We worship God because He is God. He is almighty and deserving of our praise. The first step in growing in the Christian faith is to connect with God, building upon the two-way relationship established through Christ's death and resurrection. In worship we connect with God through the Word, song, and sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.
  • Love Others - We connect with people because God made us to live in community; We were made to know and be known. The second step in growing in the Christian faith is to connect with others, building two-way relationships that embody of life of love and grace modeled by Christ's sacrifice. Our main way for you to connect with and love others is small groups. A small group is a group of 3-12 people who gather in someone's home for fellowship, some sort of engaging study, and prayer. God made us to live life with other believers who know us and support us and vice versa.
  • Serve - We serve because God made us for a purpose. We all have a reason we're here. Serving is a way of living out your faith in action. Choose from serving in the church, the community, our country, and world.

Want to learn more?

E-mail Robyn Reitzel, our Administrative Assistant to find out more information.

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